(We Three Kings)

Young Band setting by: Brian Harris

A tasteful arrangement of "We Three Kings" in A-A-B form. Simple harmonization, limited ranges, and basic rhythms ensure success and enjoyment for both the musicians and the audience. Journey of the Magi creates a musical picture of a slow-moving camel caravan crossing a desert. This is a work you will continue to use for years to come.

Easy; Grade 1. 

Appropriate for 2nd-/3rd-year players or advanced beginners.

Sample pages (.pdf): 
Sound files:
$25 U.S. for PDF of full score and parts. 
  • Christmas concert 
  • Moderately slow tempo provides nice contrast with faster works. 
  • Performance Time: about 2.5 minutes (65 measures at mm=86)
  • Melody distributed through all wind parts. 
  • Simple but effective percussion parts.
  • Programmatic nature of the work allows students to begin learning expressiveness.
  • Dynamics (crescendo, decrescendo) 
  • Legato Playing
  • Balance
  • Solos (Two solos, each consisting of 2 quarter-notes, are optionally doubled with other instruments)
  • Multi-percussion playing
  • KEY and RANGES:
    C minor and E-flat major 

    Standard "1st-year" ranges: Flute to B-flat above staff; Clarinets remain below break; Trumpet to third-space C; Horn from 2nd-line G to low G; Trombone to B-flat on top of staff; Tuba to C below staff.

    Basic Instrumentation

    Clarinet is divided into separate 1st and 2nd parts; all others (except percussion) are undivided.

    Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Bass Line*, 3 Percussion (easy rhythms) 
      * At least one: Bassoon, Bass Clarinet, Horn, Trombone, Baritone, or Tuba
    Utilizes three separate multi-percussion set-ups: 
      Percussion 1 = Bells, Finger Cymbals, Tom-tom

      Percussion 2 = Tambourine, Suspended Cymbal 1, Bass Drum

      Percussion 3 = Triangle, Suspended Cymbal 2, Bass Drum (can be same drum).

    These parts are simple, using only quarter-, half-, and dotted-half notes (slow eighth-notes in the Tambourine), and provide the rhythmic ostinato upon which the work progresses.
    • The parts can easily be divided to provide playing opportunities for up to 8 percussionists.
    • Use three sets of finger cymbals (sounds even better) and accomodate up to 10 players!

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