ORDERING from Bandroom.com Publications
is simple!


  1. Email me (bharris@bandroom.com) with the titles you wish to buy.
  2. I'll reply with a total price and provide you information for paying via PayPal (you don't have to have a PayPal account if you use a credit card). Paypal protects your purchase!
  3. I'll prep your PDF and email it to you - usually with 36 hours. Simple! Fast!

. . . OR . . .

  1. Download and complete the Bandroom.com Order Form. UPDATE: For security purposes, I have left my mailing address off of the form. Please email me for this information.
  2. Forward the completed form* to your school purchasing agent for processing.
  3. They will assign a Purchase Order number (or create a check), then mail or email it to me.
  4. I will quickly process and send your order - usually within 3 days or less.
  5. Along with your music, I will include an invoice (for Purchase Orders) or a receipt (for pre-paid orders).

If you prefer, you may mail the order form with a money order or school check.

Required to use an approved vendor?

Don't let that stop you! Ask your favorite vendor to purchase the music from me, then allow them to add a small percentage (10%-15%) to the cost to cover their handling expenses. An email from your vendor authorizing the purchase is all I need to fill the order.

Still have questions? Please email me!

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