by Masayuki Fukuda; edited by Brian Harris

Odani Castle was a powerful mountain-top castle in Japan. During the 1500’s, it was the home castle of the Azai clan and was considered to be undefeatable. However, the castle fell in 1573 during Oda Nobunaga's siege. While only the ruins of a few stone walls and moats remain today, it is regarded as one of Japan's Five Greatest Mountain Castles.

With an authentic oriental sound, Poem of Odani Castle reflects upon the beauty of the mountain location, the glorious structure of the castle, and the dreadful turmoil of battle.

  • Medium+ (appropriate for high school bands and beyond)

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  • Generous cross-cueing - Oboe cued in Clarinet, Horns cued in Trumpets/Trombones, etc.
  • Colorful, active Percussion part
  • Woodwind runs are diatonic (easily fingered)
  • Limited range demands on Trumpet I
  • Scored with only two Trumpet parts
  • Playable without double reeds (Oboe, Bassoon)
  • 2 flats (concert) throughout; no key signature changes
  • Parts for 6 or more percussionists; playable by 4 if mallet parts are omitted
  • Percussion part is presented in score format (see sample, above)
  • Mallet parts can be omitted if necessary
  • Gong/Tam-tam is necessary

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