Music for Spring and Other Concerts/Contests
(all levels)

Latin Lullaby
A simple melody layered over a gentle bass line; add a few percussion colors and you have a terrific concert piece for your beginner band! (Very Easy)

Concert Tuner in B-flat

Concert Tuner in E-flat

Concert Tuner in F

Written expressly for use on-stage before contest, Concert Tuners will help your band tune, adjust balance, and focus on the upcoming performance. Choose according to the key of your first piece.(Very Easy)

Kyrie Eleison

A transcription of a Baroque choral work. Ideal for teaching or performing. (Easy)
Festival Flourish No. 1
Perfect for opening a concert! This short, powerful work features the percussion section and wind scoring that makes your band sound their most impressive. (Medium Easy)
March Baptíste
A light-hearted piece using standard gospel tunes cast in march form. Woven among the two predominant melodies are 8 other "snippets" of hymn tunes . . . can your audience find them? (Medium Easy)
Named in honor of Gustav Holst's birthtown, this "typically British" style march opens with bravura and exciting, jaunty rhythms. And, of course, a folksy "legato-marcato" trio section. (Medium Easy)
March of the Czar's Brigade
A tuneful grade 1.5 march with a distinctive Russian flavor. Ideal for contest! (Medium Easy) Ideal for bands with weak trombone sections.
Western Round-Up
Capture the spirit of the West and wide-open prairies!  Active percussion parts and limited ranges for brass. (Medium Easy)
Toccata from L'Orfeo
The opening fanfare from Claudio Monteverdi's historic 1607 opera. Ideal for beginning your concert! (Medium)
A re-scoring of Sousa's famous march, this setting has the band singing along - literally! (Medium) As a short march, it is ideal for saving chops at contest.
An exciting tone-poem by Japanese composer Masayuki Fukuda. Edited and re-scored for American concert band instrumentaion. (Medium+)
A slight re-scoring of the famous and widely-used harmonization by Sousa brings this edition up-to-date for the modern concert band (Medium)

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