Consider the following . . .
  • Most arrangements are lucky to make it to a second performance with all the parts intact. And even if you do have at least ONE of every part, what about marks on the music? Have you ever tried to get your students to ERASE all that stuff that you spent months getting them to put in?
  • And what do you do when you have 13 alto saxophones and the new arrangement you bought has only 4 copies?
  • And it really doesn't seem right to illegally make copies to hand out, does it? Don't you hate it when you have to try and explain to an 8th-grader why it's okay for you to make those copies when it's clearly printed on the the music that it's not?
  • Who has time to order (and wait weeks) to replace a single copy of a missing part? Or, as most publishers would have you do, order original copies for every player in your band?
What's a band director supposed to do?

    As an experienced band director, I know how students treat their sheet music. I also know that it's time for a change in the sheet music publishing business. Publications was not only one of the first internet-based music publishers (1997), but also perhaps the first to introduce the site licensing.concept for school band music.


When you purchase a concert band work from Publications,
I provide you with the following:
  1. Master copies of each part. These are laser-printed masters on heavy weight paper, formatted on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper. This allows for ease of photocopying. (NOTE: International buyers may request that parts be printed "front and back" in order to reduce shipping weight. Please contact me for more info.)
  3. A full-sized conductor score. Each score is printed on 11 x 17 inch offset paperstock and saddle-stitched to form a standard 8.5 x 11 inch score.
  4. A site-specific license from Publications granting your school permission to LEGALLY photocopy the master parts as many times as you want (for use by your school only, of course).


1. A site license is issued only for concert band works - not solo/ensemble pieces or the Directional Warm-Ups series.

2. Site licenses are only issued to schools/institutions - not to individuals (Should you wish to purchase a concert work as a gift for a school, the license will be issued to the school and your name will appear on the license as the donor).

3. Site licenses are non-transferrable - in other words, the right to photocopy parts cannot be sold/granted to a third party and does not move with you if you move to another school. I would greatly appreciate you purchasing your favorite works again for your new school.
4. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions regarding the site licenses.


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