Young Band composition by: Brian Harris

Written for the 1997 South Texas Junior High Honor Band, this work is perfect for opening a program. It begins with a fortissimo percussion motif, answered by a fanfare from the winds. Next follows a calm melodic section which leads to a restatement of the opening grandeur, bringing the work to a powerful close. A miniature tour de force, Festival Flourish No. 1 makes your band sound bigger and stronger than you thought possible. A sure-fire "hit" with parents and kids alike!
Medium; Grade 1.5

Appropriate for 2nd-/3rd-year players.

Sample pages (.pdf):
Sound files:
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  • Spring concert 
  • Powerful start and finish; great as a concert opener.
  • Performance Time: about 2 minutes (42 measures at mm=80)
  • Highlights the Percussion section, especially timpani.
  • Simple low brass/low woodwind parts.
  • Accents, marcato-style articulations
  • Timpani part (for 3 drums) uses cross-sticking
  • Eighth-note triplets (just a few in flute, tenor sax, trumpet, horn)
  • Snare solo (3 measures)
  • KEY and RANGES:
    B-flat major

    All parts are well within "2nd-year" ranges: Flute to D above staff; 1st Clarinets to 4th space E; 2nd Clarinets to 3rd line B (only twice); 1st Trumpet to 4th space E; Trombone to A on top of staff and down to F below staff; Tuba to B-flat below staff.

    Standard Instrumentation

    (combined Trombone/Euphomium part)

    Flute, 2 Clarinets, Alto Sax or Trumpet,

    Trombone, Snare, Cymbals, Timpani (2 or 3 drums).

    Utilizes 5 percussionists plus timpani:
      Percussion 1, 2 = Snare, Bass Drum 

      Percussion 3, 4 = Crash Cymbals, Suspended Cymbal 

      Percussion 5 = Chimes and/or Bells 

      Timpani = 3 drums (optional part for 2 drums included) tuned to F, B-flat, and C; no pitch changes during piece; (challenging part!)

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