Cover of Directional Warm-Ups


by Brian Harris

Published (formerly) by Warner Brothers/Belwin-Mills Publications

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October 2010 update: I am now ready to begin selling copies of all the part books and the score. Although they will not have the "slick, colorful" cover of the original publication, I am selling them cheaper than Warner Brothers ($5 per part book and $15 for the score) - PLUS - I have corrected every known error (missing crescendo, wrong note, etc . . about a dozen in all) in the entire series. A lot of work, but something I wanted to do ever since Warner Brothers' editors missed them. The books (when ordered) will be printed on heavy offset paper (11x17) and folded/stapled to create the booklet. I think they look better now than before! Please contact me if you would like to buy copies or have questions.

July 2010 update: OK, Southern Music just won't commit to re-publishing the work. I am now in the process of "self-printing" the books for sale to people who want them or need replacements for sets they have worn out (thanks for using my method book!). Please contact me if I can assist you. Perhaps soon I will update this page and offer the entire series for sale. Meanwhile, please check out some of my music available on my web site of .

July 2008 update: I have had a number of people write about getting the series. THANK YOU. I am working with a major music publisher at this time to get it re-issued. If you want to know the latest development, please email me. It always helps for me to show the publisher your requests for the book!

November 2007 update: Copyright of this work has been re-assigned from Warner Bros (recently purchased by Alfred Music) back to me. I am working on distribution plans now. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing copies - Thanks.

December 2005:  I have learned that my book is no longer in publication! I will be contacting the publisher to learn if they might re-issue the book.  If you need copies to supplement your set, my only advice is to check with as many music retailers as possible as they may have stock available. Thank you for using my book! I am sorry it has "gone out of print" but it is beyond my control. If you will send me an email (, I will send you an update when/if I get any information from the publisher regarding re-releasing the set.



DIRECTIONAL WARM-UPS FOR BAND (available as PDF from SheetMusic Plus or the author) contains 16 Learning Units and 20 Chorales.

Each Learning Unit contains a unison scale, melodic etudes, and references a Chorale in the same key.

For teaching purposes, the scales are first presented in whole notes (with accidentals as needed). This line is then followed by a rhythmic pattern scale, up and down, including the arpeggio.

The unison melodic etudes are designed to focus on horizontal playing skills (articulations, ensemble, dynamics, phrasing, etc.) by over-emphasizing a wide variety of:

The 20 traditional, four-part chorales are arranged with simple rhythms to focus attention on vertical playing skills (ensemble).

Also included are 32 Rhythm Patterns and a Glossary of musical terms.

SAMPLES of pages from Conductor's and Part books

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Eb Major


Conductor - LEFT page, RIGHT page



Eb Major


DIRECTIONAL WARMUPS FOR BAND was written for use by mid-level/developing high school bands or an advanced middle school group. [NOW AVAILABLE FROM THE AUTHOR]. Higher-level ensembles could use the material for review or at the first of the concert season to reinforce concepts of ensemble playing, tone, intonation, etc. Of course, the chorales are useful for groups of any level, at any time.

Much attention was given to keeping the percussion and timpani parts as interesting and active as possible, to cut down on boredom for that section of the band. There are numerous other features in the method which would be too cumbersome to present here.

This is the type of warm-up book I always wanted when I was teaching public school. Today I routinely use it with my college and community bands. I hope you, too, will find it useful!

If you have questions about DIRECTIONAL WARM-UPS FOR BAND, I would be glad to correspond with you via my personal email.

Brian Harris