Literature Analyses


written by James Andrews

Publisher: Shawnee Press, Inc.
Year Published: 1979
Difficulty Level: Publisher rating = 3

1987-90 Texas PML rating = Grade 2


Reviewed by: Frank Lozano - Spring 1999

Style/Form: Maestoso (half = 60); Allegretto (half = 72 or quarter = 144); Adagio (quarter = 72); Tempo Rubato; Molto Adagio (quarter = 56); Allegro scherzando (quarter = 126); Leggiero; Largo Maestoso (quarter = 40 - 48)

A (m.1 - m.25); B (m.26 - m.77); C (m.78 - m.172); Coda (m.123 - end)

Key Signatures:

(concert pitch)

Three key changes:

four flats (m.1 - m.30); two flats (m.31 - m.53); four flats (m.54 - m.77); two flats (m.78 - end)

Time Signatures: Alla Breve (m.1 - m.25); 3/4 (m.26 - m.77); 2/4 (m.78 - end)
Ranges: Woodwinds:

    Piccolo/Flutes up to g2; Clarinet 1 up to d1


    1st Cornet up to g1; 1st F Horn up to e1; 1st Trombone 1 up to f

Rhythms: Winds:

    Level 2 throughout A section; Level 1 in B section; Level 3 in C section with sixteenth-eighth-sixteenth rhythms for whole band while trumpets and upper woodwinds haves some sixteenth note runs


    Level 1 for A and B sections; Level 3 for the C section with the snare having sixteenth-eighth-sixteenth syncopation

Instrumentation: Piccolo/Flutes, Oboe; E flat Clarinet (optional), 1st Clarinet, 2nd and 3rd Clarinet, E flat Alto Clarinet, B flat Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Bari Sax, 1st Cornet, 2nd and 3rd Cornets, 1st and 2nd F Horns, Baritone TC, Baritone BC, 1st and 2nd Trombones, 3rd Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Percussion I, Percussion II
Percussion: Timpani (2 drums); Percussion I: Snare Drum, Cymbals, Suspended Cymbal, Triangle, Tambourine; Percussion II: Xylophone, Bells, Chimes
Conductor Score: Full Score; 25 lines
Length/Timing: 4 minutes, 30 seconds; (138 measures)
  • Dynamics ranging from pianissimo to fortissimo
  • Use of accents, agogic accents, forte pianos, grace notes, glissandos, staccatos
  • Muted trumpet sections
  • Optional e flat clarinet part

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