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Written by Timothy Broege

Publisher: Manhattan Beach Music
Year Published: 1995
Difficulty Level: Publisher rating = 1

1995- 98 Texas PML rating = Grade 1


Reviewed by: Richard Gamble, Spring 1999

Style/Form: Andante serioso


Key Signatures:

(concert pitch)

Two flats (m. 1 - end)


Time Signatures: 4/4
Ranges: Woodwinds:

    Oboe down to d; Clarinet 1 down to f; Bassoon down to CC; Bass clarinet up to c1; Bari sax up to g2


    Trumpet 1 up to e2; Horn to d2

Rhythms: Winds:

    Level 1


    Level 1

Instrumentation: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet 1, Clarinet 2, Bass clarinet/ Tenor sax/ Euphonium TC, Alto sax, Bari sax, Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Horn, Trombone/ Euphonium BC, Tuba/ Bassoon
Percussion: Triangle, Snare drum, Bass drum, Cymbal, Timpani
Conductor Score: Semi-full score; 15 lines; Combined Tenor sax, Euphonium TC, and Bass clarinet; Combined Tuba and Bassoon
Length/Timing: 2 minutes, 20 seconds (45 measures)
  • Purpose of the piece is to create a musical seriousness
  • Theme is stated in low brass and low woodwinds, and is answered by the upper brass and woodwinds in the first 8 bars
  • Canonic theme at bar 9
  • Next 8 bars contain a diminution of the theme in staccato eighth notes
  • Theme returns in relative major key of E flat at bar 27
  • Original theme returns in C minor at bar 37

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