The third release of the series contains 15 compositions, published during the 1980's. Like Volume 2, these works were selected according to performance frequency by middle school bands at Texas music contests during the past 20 years.
Included with the CD is a 12-page booklet containing practical information about each work. Concerns such as instrumentation, playing ranges, key centers, and rhythmic complexities are documented in an easy to read and useful format. 

Young Band Repertoire Project, Vol. 3 contains the following works:

Modal Song and Dance  Elliot Del Borgo
Sea Song Trilogy  Anne McGinty
Atlantis  Anne McGinty
Portrait of a Clown  Frank Ticheli
Northpointe Fantasy  James Swearingen
Creed  William Himes
Two Minute Symphony  Bob Margolis
Excellentia Overture  David Shaffer
Spring Song  Jerry Nowak
A Furious Fable  Jared Spears
Air and Dance  John Kinyon
Caprice  William Himes
Glen Canyon Overture  John Edmondson
Greenwillow Portrait  Mark Williams
Crest of Nobility  Robert Sheldon