Grade Two Works
as listed on the
1999-2002 Texas Prescribed Music List
[What is the Texas Prescribed Music List?]
NOTE: This is not an official listing of the Texas PML and should not be used in place of the published list.
Air and Finale  Handel/Balent   
Air for Winds  Shelton   
Aria Cantabile  Erickson   
Arioso  Williams   
As Torrents in Summer  Elgar/Davis   
Australian Folk Fantasy  Williams   
Bach Chorale and March  Wilson   
Balladair  Erickson   
Ballet Music from Faust  Gounod/Williams   
Barbarossa  Himes   
Barcarolle  Erickson   
Baroque Celebration  Forsblad   
Battle of Jericho The  Spinney   
Battle Pavane The  Susato/Margolis   
Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie  Arbeau/Margolis   
Black Knight, The  Grundman   
Blue Mountain Saga  Bulla   
Blue Ridge Rhapsody  Kinyon   
Blue Ridge Saga  Swearingen   
Campbell River Sketches  Williams   
Canterbury Coronation  Curnow   
Canturbury Walk Strommen   
Caprice Himes   
Capriol Suite  Warlock/Longfeld   
Castle, Loch and Heath Ployhar  
Chanteys  Andrews   
Childhood Hymn, A Holsinger   
Connemara Sketches  Osborne   
Contrasto Grosso  de Haan  play mov. 1 or 3
Court Festival  Latham  play 2 contrasting mov'ts.
Creed  Himes   
Crest of Nobility  Sheldon   
Cumberland Cross  Strommen   
Declaration Overture  Smith   
Dreams and Fancies  Broege   
Early English Suite  Duncombe/Finlayson   
Elegy  Mendelssohn/Erickson   
English Dances  Arnold/Johnstone  play 1 mov.
English Dances, Set 2 Arnold play 1 mov.
Fanfare, Ode and Festival Margolis  
Flight of Eagles  Del Borgo   
Four Scottish Dances  Arnold/Paynter  play 1 mov. 
From An 18th Century Album  Myers   
Fugue in B Flat Major  Bach/Daehn   
Gathering of the Yeomen, The Smith   
Greenwillow Portrait  Williams   
Harmonious Blacksmith, The Handel/Osterling   
Hebrew Folk Song Suite  Osmon   
Hill Songs  Andrews   
Hymn for Band, A Stuart  
In a French Garden  Meyer   
Irish Interlude, An Barker   
Irish Tribute, An Conley   
Italian Master's Suite  Gordon   
Kenya Contrasts  Himes   
Knights of Dunvegan  Meyer   
Legend of Knife River  Bulla   
Light Cavalry Overture  Von Suppe/Williams   
Lincolnshire Posy  Grainger  play 1 mov.
Lincolnshire Posy  Grainger/Fennell  play 1 mov.
Linden Lea  Vaughan Williams/Stout   
Little English Suite  Grundman   
Little Schumann Set  Hartzell   
Loch Lomond  Black   
Longford Legend, A Sheldon play 1 mov. 
Melodia d'Amore  van Beringen   
Mini-Suite  Gould   
Night On Bald Mountain  Mussorgsky/Williams   
Occasional Suite, An Handel   
Old Home Days  Ives/Elkus  play two mov'ts
Orlando Suite  DiLasso/DeHaan   
Overture on a Minstrel's Tune  LaPlant   
Pavane  Ravel/Smith   
Piper and the Captain, The Osborne   
Poem  Fibich/Spinney   
Portrait of a Clown  Ticheli   
Prelude and Scherzo  Brahms/Hubbell   
Prelude, Siciliano and Rondo Arnold/Paynter play Rondo
Red Balloon, The McGinty  
Rejouissance, La Handel/Williams  
Renaissance Dances  Myers   
Renaissance Suite  Susato/Curnow   
Rhythm Machine  Broege   
Royal Heritage Suite  Gordon   
Russian Folk Fantasy  Curnow   
Scenes From a Royal Tapestry  Johnson  play at least 3 mov'ts
Schumann Suite, The Schumann/Bulla  
Sinfonia VI  Broege  play mov. 4, plus 1 other
Slane  Wagner   
Songs of the Whalemen  Del Borgo   
Susato Prelude, A Akey  
Symphonic Overture  Carter   
They Led My Lord Away  Gordon/Allen   
Three Ayres from Gloucester  Stuart  play 2 contrasting mov'ts
Three Folk Miniatures  Jutras  play mov. 1 and 3
Three on the Isle  Stuart  play 2 contrasting mov'ts
Three Preludes  Bruckner/Broege  play 1 mov.
Three Russian Cameos  Rhodes  play mov'ts 1&2 or 2&3
Three Songs from Sussex  Stuart  play 2 contrasting mov'ts
Tres Danzas de Mexico  Rhoads  play 1 mov.
Tricycle  Boysen   
Two British Folk Songs  Del Borgo   
Two Gaelic Folk Songs  Tyra   
Two Grainger Melodies  Grainger/Kreines  play mov.1
Variation Overture  Williams   
Variations on an English Folk Song  Smith   
Walk with McCarley, A Ragsdale  
West Highlands Sojourn  Sheldon  play 2 contrasting mov'ts
Westridge Overture  Barnes   
Yorkshire Ballad  Barnes   
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