Quintet by: Brian Harris

Here's a nice Brass Quintet with flexible scoring (see Instrumentation, below) to add a little jazz styling to your performance. It opens with a quasi-waltz (shifting time signatures) then moves into a straight-ahead swing section. Limited ranges keep it on the easy side - and also save the player's chops. Enjoy!

Also available for Saxophone Quintet (see Instrumentation, below)


Appropriate for high school or beyond

Sample pages (.pdf): 
Sound file:
$12 U.S. for PDF of full score and parts. 

NOTE: This work is also available from RBC Music but with older engraved parts

  • about 2.5 minutes
  • limited ranges for all instruments (originally written for college players in a brass techniques class, playing secondary instruments)
  • use of asymmetrical meter (5/4)
  • jazz stylings and articulations
  • frequently changing meters of 3/4, 4/4, and 5/4 (opening section only)
  • key change to D major for last 10 bars
  • trombone solo
  • KEY and RANGES:

    D minor, moving to D major at end  

    Trumpet 1 to 4th-space E; Trumpet 2 to 3rd-space C#; Horn to 3rd-space C#; Trombone to D above staff; Tuba to 3rd line D once.


    BRASS QUINTET: Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Horn in F (optional Trumpet 3 part inculded), Trombone (optional TC Baritone part included), Tuba

    SAXOPHONE QUINTET: Soprano (or Alto 3), Alto 1, Alto 2 (or Tenor 2), Tenor, Baritone (key of G minor, moving to Bb major at end)

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