My Personal Favorites
 After several years of research in the area, I finally feel comfortable posting my own list of favorite tunes. I have broken the Concert Works list into 3 levels; all of the pieces are good, but some I just like better than others. I've also included a short list of Marches which I will eventually expand. (this list was last updated in May 2000; due to changes in my employment, it might be a long time before I get back to this project.)


Of all the Young Band music I know, these few are my absolute favorites:
  • Childhood Hymn, A - David Holsinger (a beautiful, simple work; impressive when performed even by college bands; based on "Jesus Loves Me" this work is an ideal tool for teaching expressive playing)
  • Modal Song and Dance - Elliot Del Borgo (a classic; always a favorite of students; minor/modal setting with easy yet musical parts for all sections)
  • Pevensey Castle - Robert Sheldon (a minor key work in ABA/slow-fast-slow form; great for teaching phrasing, nuance, and ostinato)
  • Red Balloon, The - Anne McGinty (a programmatic masterpiece for young players; full of musical opportunities)
The following works are wonderful compositions for young bands:
  • Air and Dance - John Kinyon (the eternal young band classic; two movements; not as easy to perform as it looks!)
  • Battle Pavane, The - Bob Margolis (moderate tempo; Renaissance transcription builds in power to the end)
  • Creed - Williams Himes (extremely well-crafted work in ABA form; full of wonderful melodies)
  • In the Bleak Midwinter - Gustav Holst/Jack Bullock (setting of an Anglican carol; simply orchestrated;loaded with lyrical teaching opportunities)
  • Korean Folk Song - Ralph Gingery (the traditional Korean folksong; nicely arranged)
  • Shalom Chaverim - Timothy Johnson (a traditional Israeli folksong round; challenging and musical parts for all sections)
  • Spring Song - Jerry Nowak (slow, lyrical ballad; very simple and good for teaching nuanced phrasing)
  • Train Heading West and Other Outdoor Scenes - Timothy Broege (3 short movements; contemporary harmonies; programmatic)
  • Tunbridge Meadows - Mark Williams (lyrical piece in ABA form; good for teaching phrasing)

    Though third tier in my preference scheme, these pieces are excellent works for middle school bands:
  • Air for Band - Frank Erickson (slow, lyrical ballad)
  • All the Pretty Little Horses - Anne McGinty (slow, lyrical ballad)
  • Atlantis - Anne McGinty (easy poly-chordal)
  • Balladair - Frank Erickson (slow, lyrical ballad)
  • Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie - Arbeau/Margolis
  • Black Knight, The - Clare Grundman
  • Blue Ridge Saga - James Swearingen
  • Canto - Francis McBeth
  • Caprice - William Himes
  • Chanson - John Kinyon (ABA: slow, lyrical ballad with a sprightly B section)
  • Chester - Billings/Tolmage
  • Connemara Sketches - Chester Osborne
  • Danse Pavane - John Cacavas
  • Dreams and Fancies - Timothy Broege (4 short movements of contrasting styles; contemporary harmonies)
  • Furious Fable, A - Jared Spears
  • Irish Interlude, An - Warren Barker
  • Night On Bald Mountain, A - Mussorgsky/Williams
  • Rhythm Machine - Timothy Broege
  • Russian Sailor's Dance - Gliere/Mark Williams
  • Sea Song Trilogy - Anne McGinty
  • Song for Friends, A - Larry Daehn (slow, lyrical ballad)
  • Soldier's Procession and Sword Dance - Susato/Margolis
  • Two Minute Symphony - Bob Margolis (ABA: good for teaching form)


    MARCHES(forgive me for including one of my own!)
  • American Patrol - Meacham/Ed Huckeby
  • Fort Canterbury March - David Holsinger
  • March of the Czar's Brigade - Brian Harris (of course!)
  • Newcastle March - Johnny Vinson 
  • Norland March - John Edmondson 
  • Von Grrrhart's 613th Regimental March - David Holsinger
  • Winchester March - John Edmondson


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